Amrutham Dhvitheeyam Next Episode Release Date

Amrutham Dhvitheeyam Next Episode Release Date
Amrutham Dhvitheeyam Next Episode Release Date

Amrutham Dhvitheeyam Next Episode Release Date: Amrutham serial season 2 The First three episodes premiered in Zee5 on March 25. This Telugu Original comedy series gets a good response. there are many People waiting to release the next episodes of Amrutham 2. Today, I will tell you about the Release date of Amrutham 2 next episode.

The Amrutham Season 2 Comedy Series Starring Harsha Vardhan, LB Sriram, Vasu, and Sivannarayana. We all know this is a sequel of all-time popular Telugu Serial Amrutham. Gunnam GangarajuSOn Sandeep Gunnam has directed the Dhvitheeyam.

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Amrutham Dhvitheeyam Next Episode Release Date

The digital rights of Amrutham 2 Serial have been sold to Zee5. Though Zee5 hasn’t told officially the digital release date, This is the Expected information. Amrutham 2 Next Episodes will start streaming from the 27 May 2020.

amrutham adhvitheyam watch online
Amrutham Adhvitheyam watch online

On the same day, you can watch Amrutham Season 2 online. If you have the subscription of Zee5, you can watch/download the Amrutham 2 serial in HD. As per the director of Amrutham 2 serial, they had completed the shoot of 4 more episodes. Due to lockdown, the post-production work has also stopped.

we know there are a lot of people searching for the Amrutham Adhvitheyam episode 4 release date. Amrutham Adhvitheyam episode 4 will start streaming from the first week of May 2020. Till Then You Can Watch Amrutham Adhvitheyam watch online starting 3 episodes. Amrutham Adhvitheyam’s next episode will have more fun and entertainment.

Amrutham 2 Serial Cast Details

Zee5 Amrutham season 2 is a unique Telugu comedy series starring Harsha Vardhan, LB Sriram, Vasu, and Sivannarayana. This Season of Amrutham serial all episodes are directed by Sandeep Gunnam. Amrutham serial song Composed by Kalyani Malik. 

Web Series NameAmrutham Dvitheeyam
Release Date25 Mar 2020
CastHarsh Vardhan, LB Sriram, Vasu Inturi, Ragini, Shivannarayana
Next Episode Date27 May 2020
DirectorSandeep Gunnam

Finally, Amrutham Dhvitheyam episode 4 to release on 27 May 2020. However, it all depends on the pandemic situation which is getting worse day by day. 

Amrutham Dhvitheyam in TV

People are Searching for Amrutham Dhvitheyam in which channel? Amrutham Dhvitheeyam in Zee Telugu?. But, Sadly There is now TV streaming For this season. So, You Need to Watch Amrutham Dhvitheyam on Zee5 App.

WEB SERIES NAME: Amrutham Dvitheeyam

Amrutham 2 Next Episode Date – 27 May 2020