Best Telugu Thriller Movies Of All Time

Best Telugu Suspense Thriller Movies Of All Time
Best Telugu Suspense Thriller Movies Of All Time

Best Telugu Thriller Movies Of All Time: Suspense Thriller Movies Boost up our interest in every scene. Tollywood already gave us many Movies in recent years with thrilling Elements. here we also included some most underrated Telugu movies. We sorted out some best suspense movies in Telugu. Thriller Movies mainly focus on how to made the audience feel thrilled.

Best Telugu Suspense Thriller Movies List

In our Telugu Film industry, Thriller Genre is one of the under the utilized genre. This Kind Movie mainly Focus on screenplays, execution of the story. Recently, New Generation Directors are now focusing on Thriller Genres. Mathu Vadalara and Hit Movies come under this genre with good execution. The below list shows the best Telugu thriller movies of all time.

  1. Hit(2020)
  2. Mathu Vadalara 
  3. Kshanam 
  4. Goodachari 
  5. Karthikeya 
  6. Evaru
  7. Awe
  8. U-turn
  9. 1-Nenokaidne
  10. Rakshasudu
  11. Drushyam
  12. Anasuya (2007)
  13. Arundhati (2009)
  14. Anukokunda Oka Roju
  15. Anukshanam
  16. Anveshana
  17. Abhilasha
  18. Manthra(2007)
  19. Katha (2009)
  20. Ave Kallu(1967)
  21. Gentleman (2016)
  22. Gaganam
  23. 118 (2019)
  24. Spyder (2017)
  25. Nagaram (2017)
  26. Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya(2019)
  27. Nenu Meeku Telusa (2008)
  28. Dhruva (2016)
  29. kshanam
  30. GameOver (2019)

The above list about the Best Tollywoodthriller movies. I hope you like the list of best thriller movies in Telugu. there are a lot of thrilling movies are made by our talented Telugu director, but some got name remaining movies don’t get the fame.

Upcoming Telugu suspense Thriller movies in 2020

  1. Nani’s V
  2. Nishabdham
  3. Goodachari 2
  4. Madha
  5. Wild Dog

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