Flipkart Fashion Days[8th-11th Feb’19]: Upto 80% Off

Flipkart Fashion Days
Flipkart Fashion Days

Flipkart Fashion Days[8th-11th Feb’19]: Upto 80% Off

1) Min 50% Off on Women’s Sandals, Shoes & more

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rOOdRKNNNN

2) Min 50% off on Puma, Catwalk & more

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/r!QfJKNNNN

3) Min 60% off on Lavie

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/H!Bz1nuuuN

4) Min 60% off on Lavie, Catwalk & more

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/r!W~OKNNNN

5)Min 60% Off on Fashion Earrings

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rUxZVKNNNN

6) Min 60% Off on Fashion Jewellery

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rTaZ0KNNNN

7) Trendy Rings Under Rs.499

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rawZ5KNNNN

8) Earrings Under Rs.299

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rUBzYKNNNN

9) Fashion Jewellery Under Rs.299

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rTDr4KNNNN

10) Trendy Necklace Min 60% Off

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/HOK2gnuuuN

11) Jewellery Sets Min 60% Off

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rU4wBKNNNN

12) Bangles & Bracelets Min 60% Off

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/H!yh0nuuuN

13) Bangles & Bracelets Under Rs.299

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rUvJDKNNNN

14) Bangles & Bracelets Min 70% Off

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/HIip6nuuuN

15) Min 70% Off on Fashion Jewellery

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rSEDmKNNNN

16) Min 50% Off on Women’s Handbag

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rGqJ1KNNNN

17) Min 60% Off on Women’s Handbag

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/HCZdbnuuuN

18) Min 70% Off on Women’s Handbag

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/HmbT1nuuuN

19) Wallets & Clutches Under Rs.799

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/Hm!BznuuuN

20) Trendy Totes Under Rs.399

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rSjBUKNNNN

21) Trendy Totes Under Rs.1199

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rFZjJKNNNN

22) Trendy Totes Under Rs.999

Landing Page:http://fkrt.it/rdqMlKNNNN

23) Lavie Min 70% Off on Women’s Handbag

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rdpVbKNNNN

24) Starting @ 2000, Gold & Diamond Jewellery

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rdHNmKNNNN

25) Starting @ 5200, Gold & Diamond Earrings

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rFel9KNNNN

26) 50-80% off on Kids’ Clothing, Gini & Jony, USPA, Allen Solly

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/HC0HnnuuuN

27) Under Rs.499 Infant Wear Miniklub, Kiddeo & more

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rFvueKNNNN

28) Under Rs.399 Kids’ branded Tshirts and Tops , Palm Tree, Cherokee & more

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/HXgOKnuuuN

29) Min 60% Off on Miss & Chief

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/HCqXDnuuuN

30) 50-80% Off on Top Men’s Clothing Brands- Levi’s, UCB and more

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/HX3e0nuuuN

31) Min 55% Off on Men’s Clothing- Wrangler, Lee, Arrow & more

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rFMt!KNNNN

32) Upto 60% Off on Sports Clothing Adidas, Nike & more

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/rdgGAKNNNN

33) Top Brands Min 60% off

Landing Page: http://fkrt.it/HI~mqnuuuN



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