10 Highest Paid Tollywood Actors

Highest Paid Tollywood Actors

10 Highest Paid Tollywood Actors: Tollywood Cinema Industry one of the Biggest Cinema industries. The remuneration of Telugu Actors very low when compared to the Hindi Film Industry and Hollywood Film Industry actors. we gathered some information about the list of highest remuneration in Tollywood. here is the List of Highest Remuneration Actors In Tollywood.

Prabhas – 25+ Crore

prabhas Remuneration

Mahesh Babu – 25 Crore

mahesh babu Remuneration

Pawan Kalyan – 22 Crore

pawan kalyan Remuneration

 Jr. NTR – 18 Crore

jr.ntr Remuneration

Ram Charan – 17 Crore

ram charan Remuneration

Allu Arjun – 14 Crore

allu arjun Remuneration

Vijay Deverakonda – 10 Crore

Vijay Devarakonda Remuneration

Balakrishna – 9 Crore

balakrishna Remuneration

Ravi Teja – 9  Crore

ravi teja Remuneration

Venkatesh – 8.5  Crore

venkatesh Remuneration

Nagarjuna – 7.5 Crore

Nagarjuna Remuneration

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