IPL-2018 Season likely Begin in March?

IPL-2018 Season

IPL-2018 Season likely Begin in March:

IPL12: Indian Premier League 2018 Successfully Completed. The Chennai Super Kings has won the IPL-11 season Cup. But the Viewers started talking about the Next Season of IPL. The World Cup will be held in 2019. With the World Cup next year, the BCCI hopes to hold the IPL in earlier month of March following the general election.

The World Cup begins from Next year’s May 30. India Players’ rule is that must be at least 15 days off to play a match in another tournament after a tournament has been played. As part of this, it seems that IPL-12 likely to be run soon. The World Cup will be held from May 30 to July 14, 2019, at Wales’s venue in England. But every year Indian Premier League Seasons begins in the first weeks of April and ends in the last weeks of May.

But Next Year, IPL may end in the third week of May. Even so, Indian players will get 15 days gap to play in the World Cup. In this way, IPL-12th season will be announced on March 29, 2019. Also, IPL-12 is likely to be Play in overseas. For the Security reasons Indian Premier League matches are not happen during the election period. In the year 2009, IPL was conducted in South Africa during elections time in India. Deccan Chargers has won the cup of that year.