Marshal Telugu Movie Review

Marshal Telugu Movie Review

Marshal Telugu Movie Review


Movie: Marshal
Release date: September 13, 2019
Cast: Abhay Adaka, Srikanth, Megha, and others
Director: Jai Raaja Singh
Music: Varikuppala Yadagiri
Producer: Abhay Adaka

Synopsis: A medical thriller with great value for emotions.

Story: Shivaji (Srikanth) is a superstar and Abhi (Abhay Adaka) is his diehard fan. How are the duo related to a medical scam and what makes Abhi go against his worshipped star?

Review: Marshal is supposed to be a medical thriller, but thanks to some of the unnecessary elements, the film goes a bit low at some times. It ends up being a decent attempt. Propped up with an interesting plot and experienced cast. While the basic story of the film seems novel and interesting, the way it’s dealt was a bit unconvincing. The screenplay and other commercial elements were major relief in the film.

Srikanth plays a role which has multiple shades and he tries to pull it off with his acting expertise. However, this surely seems like something that will open doors to him doing negative roles in the future.

Abhay, who debuted in the film as a hero has a decent role. It is hasty to judge the youngster by seeing a single movie. Not only as an actor but being the producer of the film as well, Abhay fared well. Debut actress Megha Chowdary doesn’t get the scope to perform and she seems to be there just for the glamour quotient. Other senior artists like Suman, Pragati, Ravi Prakash and more have justified their roles.

Director Jai Raja Singh must be appreciated for choosing such a subject for his debut film because Marshal has complicated medical elements that deal with surrogacy and biological infertility. However, the script and presentation can a bit more clear as to cannot attract a set of audience. The way the twists are revealed is good and the love track goes with the flow. The high-octane action adds a bit more flavor to the movie. The music and cinematography are not up to the mark.

To its credit, Marshal is definitely not regular commercial fare. But it can be a one time watch for its commercial and emotional aspects and efforts put by the team

Trend Raja Rating: 3/5