Relience Jio Provides Free Data up to 1TB per month?

Relience Jio
Relience Jio

Reliance Jio Provides Free Data up to 1TB per month?

After the arrival of Jio, we have had a lot of change in our Daily lifestyle. Also, in the market, Jio created some sensations. Jio company will step into the fiber service sector. The News Of Jio Fiber Net creating Huge Impact On the InterNet Companies Environment. One Of the Officials from Reliance Jio has recently been confirmed Jio Fiber Net News,  According to the information provided by the officer,  there is a possibility that the Jio-Fiber sector will be able to enter the market with its own mark.

In fact, some companies are taking advantage of heavy Internet users. So that’s why Jio comes into this field and there is a lot of differences in the price issues. At present, this Jio-Fiber is in the testing Stage at some Major Cities in India. But this testing seems to be the last step.

In the month of July, Jio Fiber Services is available for all customers. Reliance Jio provides fiber connections with 1.1 TB (Tera Bite) Fair Usage Limit per month with 100 mbps (mega bite per second) speed for customers at the testing stage. Firstly they give 100 gb data,  It can be utilized by the 25 times per month as TOP-UPs, within a month-long period of up to 40 GB. That means 1,100 GB data will be added to the entire month.

In the time of taking a jio-Fiber Connection, 4500 rupees will have to be paid under Security Deposit. The security deposit will be returned to us again as refunded money. Jio also giving free of cost Router along with the Jio-Fiber connection. The jio Router is Also UseFull As the tv Setup Boxes. Jio intended to start its own TV services rather than the Internet. There are opportunities to launch these services very soon. The jio Router is used as a setup box when these services are started.