Top 3 places Humans can’t dare to visit

Top 3 places Humans can’t dare to visit
Top 3 places Humans can’t dare to visit

Top 3 places Humans can’t dare to visit

Surtsey Island :

It’s a new chapter for the world. On November 14, 1963, some fishing boats were on their boats and fishing on the island’s southern coast. In the meantime, they have seen some fires in the distance.

some of the people who have noticed that the fire had been forced into the fire, and if anybody survives, it is not a boat there was the fire inside the water.

They felt that the fire had become an accident of the boat and thought someone was alive if anybody was still alive they thinking to save. but surprisingly It’s not a boat. There is a Valkeno inside the water. then it’s exploding and Lava came out.

This is the first time when an island farm is on the ground, and a few days later the smallest plants on this island have begun to rise. There is no general access to this island, but scientists have access to visit this island for research purposes.


Sentinel Island:

It is located near Andaman and Nicobar Island in the Indian Ocean. The natural beauty of the place is quite green. But if there is a tribal tribe here, they are very dangerous. Whoever comes to the Island where life is at risk and dangerous position, if anyone comes to them, they will be killed and drowned.

They live on this island for 60,000 years. In 2006, two fishermen entered the water and the tribes killed them and killed them. The many attempts from the Indian government try to talk to them failed. That is why the Indian coast guards are arrested while entering this area.

queimada grande island :

This island is located on the Brazilian coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This island map is small but has a large space. If you want to step in here. That’s the last day of you. Because the island area has approximately 4,000 snakes, this number has been in the millions but they have disappeared. This is also the name of Snake Island.

This island also has a snake called Golden Lancehead Viper. This snake releases poison it also dissolves raw meat. On this island, a man used to live with his family, but a small mistake they made was that they forgot to close windows before they slept. And the snakes that came out of the window were knocked down and killed.