Top 5 Best Apps That Are Available Free Now.

Top 5 Best Apps
Top 5 Best Apps

Top 5 Best Apps That Are Available Free Now.

Today I’m Going to Tell you the Best Apps That Are limited time  Free in Google Play store. Basically These Apps Are Paid Apps But some days this app available as a free. If you really interested in this app then feel free to go and download. I will provide the App Names As Well As Links.  I’m sure you will love these apps. I just remind you of this app’s free for only limited time.

Amons – Icon Pack:

Amons Is an Icon Pack Which Contains Beautiful Coloured icons And Also high-quality Icons. Amons Consists Clean As well As Smooth Design. If you are looking for one of the Best Paid Icon Then This App is For You. This App has More than 1600 highly Quality icons, 10 QHD Cloud Wallpapers. This App developer Ensures You for Regular updates. If You Felt Any Icon Is Missing Then Easy to Request icons.

Download Now: Amons – Icon Pack

AngL :

AngL is a Puzzle Game. This Game Is Also Known As Angle. By this App Test your logic and problem-solving skills in this relaxing and minimal puzzle game. This Game Consists Of 85+ hand designed levels its Harder To Complete. This App has hardcore mode by this Mode  You need to find the best path, touching every triangle at least once!

Download Now: AngL

Hitman Sniper :

Hitman Sniper is one of the best Shooting Game Available in Google Play Store. If you are a Shooting game lover This Game is for you. In Normal Days this app requested 30 Rupees. Now it is absolutely free of cost in the play store. This Game has 4.6 ratings in Play Store, More than 3Lakh users Already Downloaded this game.

Download Now: Hitman Sniper

Minimalist – Icon Pack:

In Our List, This is the Another Best Icon That Is Freely Available in Google Play store. Minimalist Icon pack the name itself tells it is a minimalistic Icon Pack; this app provides you the exclusive Minimal Icons. Every icon presented in this app has a perfect minimal look. Minimalist Icon Pack has been designed with a Perfect design.

Download Now: Minimalist – Icon Pack

Monument Valley :

Monument Valley is another puzzle game in our list of free apps. In this Puzzle, a game player leads the princess Ida through mazes of optical illusions and impossible objects while manipulating the world around her to reach various platforms. This Game Was My Favourite in this list, this game is perfectly designed with illustration design.

Download Now: Monument Valley