Xiaomi’s Miui9 Android P looks leaked.. !

Xiaomi’s Miui9
Xiaomi’s Miui9

Xiaomi’s Miui9 Android P looks leaked..!

Xiaomi, a prominent Chinese mobile giant company, has been leaked to some of the latest Android p screenshots of MIUI, his own user interface today. MIUI is also an Android operating system, but we know that it is running with a customized Android. but not with Google’s Own Pure Android user interface. But Xioami is always late when giving the latest updates to his mobiles. But this is just a few things with leaks that come with an android p-type design from xiaomi company.

If you are looking at the latest leaked screen Shots this time, the update will be available for Android P Supported Devices in xiaomi. Already overwhelming users are eagarly waiting for the latest updates. Mi Mix 2s from Xiaomi also have the devices that Google has announced in google i/o for android p supported device, including Android P support they are doing some changed in the systems user interface. Let’s see and leak screenshots for a few days to tell the phone has gets this update. This leaked picks of the lock screen including a new notification panel, along with a stylish status bar, as well as a color full volume button style.

The Recent Notification Panel is also looking very stylish design. The theme looks like the theme provided that xiaomi provided in  MIUI9 and looks on those screen shots. The new xiaomi update will bring a new lock to its latest update. But Android Oreo did not get much xiaomi devices. This company is still taking the time to get this version. Android oreo has not yet been updated to Redmi Note 5 Pro. This has launched recently in india. While other mobile brands offering android oreo.