Tollywood Digital Promotions Setting New Trend

Vishnu Thej Putta
Vishnu Thej Putta

Marketing and promotions are keys for a film these days. But with the advent of social media, the promotions have turned digital currently and the Telugu film industry is showing a great interest in digital promotions.

Cashing this opportunity, many new age PROs are learning the technical stuff of promotions and coming up with out of the box of ideas in promoting a film. Among them is a leading force by name Vishnu Thej Putta.

This person had worked for the digital promotions of blockbusters like ‘Mahanati’ ‘Lucifer’ ‘iSmart Shankar’ and the very recent ‘Sarileru Neekevvaru.’

“It’s all about making a user hooked to a movie ultimately,” says Vishnu Thej Putta. “When I stepped into this digital promotions sort off, the social media was making waves. But social media is not just about being social, it’s also for a wider reach. If you connect a user well with an upcoming movie, there are high chances of him/her going to a theatre and watching the film,” added Vishnu.

Yet he states that there are many unexplored ways in digital promotions and learning a new thing is a day to day process and it’s quite challenging too. “When there is a challenge, it has immense scope,” signs off Vishnu.

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