Nene Vasthunna Telugu Movie Now Streaming Online on Amazon Prime Video!

Nene Vasthunna OTT Release Date, Streaming Platform
Nene Vasthunna OTT Release Date, Streaming Platform

Nene Vasthunna OTT Release Date: The Telugu dubbed version of the Tamil movie Naane Varuvean was released in theatres on September 29, 2022. Here’s when it’ll be available on the OTT Platform. Nene Vasthunna, Dhanush’s latest film, has been pulled from theatres due to poor box office performance. According to the latest reports, the filmmakers have decided to go with an early OTT release.

Dhanush’s Nene Vasthunna is set to release on OTT really soon. The film stars Dhanush, Indhuja, Elli Avrram, “Ilayathilagam” Prabhu, and Yogi Babu. Here’s a quick look at the film ott release date, digital rights, streaming rights, and more.

Nene Vasthunna OTT Rights

Naane Varuvean’s Telugu dubbed version ‘Nene Vasthunna’ streaming rights are acquired by Amazon Prime Video for a decent amount. so, now the film is all set to release on Amazon Prime video very soon.

Nene Vasthunna OTT Release Date, time

According to the latest reports, Nene Vasthunna will be released on prime video on October 27, 2022. This gives the movie a decent 4-week theatrical window before ‘Nene Vasthunna’ becomes available on OTT. However, The filmmakers will announce details about the official ott release date very soon.

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Nene Vasthunna OTT Release Date 27 October 2022


When Prabhu, 38, his wife Bhuvana, and their 12-year-old baby girl Sathya’s lives appear to be happy and normal, one vacation changes everything. Sathya’s health begins to deteriorate, causing many upsets in Prabhu’s life. Prabhu’s current situation forces him to reconnect with his brother, Kathir, a skilled hunter who bears an uncanny resemblance to Prabhu.

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FAQs & Trivia

When will the Nene Vasthunna Movie be released on OTT?

Ans: Nene Vasthunna Movie OTT Release Date will be on 27th October 2022.

On which OTT platform will Nene Vasthunna be released?

Ans: Nene Vasthunna will be available on the Amazon Prime Video OTT platform.

Nene Vasthunna Movie Director Name?

Ans: K. Selvaraghavan

Nene Vasthunna Online Streaming Rights acquired by?

Ans: Amazon Prime Video.

That concludes the Nene Vasthunna OTT Release Date, Time, and Other Information. So, do you want to see this movie in theatres or wait for it to be available on Amazon Prime Video?